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UK IPv6 Deployment Conference

9.00am - 4.30pm, 24th September, 2004

Michelangelo Room, Renaissance Hotel, Blackfriars Street, Manchester M3 2EQ

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The UK IPv6 Task Force, in conjunction with RIPE and the European IST IPv6 Cluster, is presenting a programme of IPv6 events from 23rd-24th September 2004.

IPv6, the new version of the basic Internet Protocol upon which all Internet communications run, has now reached maturity in the standardisation processes within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). As a result, leading router and systems vendors are delivering commercially supported IPv6 products. These products have allowed a number of national and international networks to deploy production support for IPv6 communications in their backbones, including, but not limited to, many academic research networks.

The UK IPv6 Deployment Conference is targeted at those interested in the current state of play in IPv6 deployment. It aims to present an overview of state-of-the-art in the latest IPv6 deployment technology, including:

The Conference is co-located with the 49th RIPE Meeting of 20th-24th September, at which Europe's ISPs will gather to discuss technology and policy.

We have scheduled a free European IST IPv6 Cluster meeting on the afternoon before the UK IPv6 Deployment Conference to allow our delegates the opportunity of attending an attractive, fuller one-and-a-half day programme of leading edge IPv6 talks and discussion should they wish to do so:

Thursday 23rd September:

14:00-18:00: European IST IPv6 Cluster meeting, Michelangelo Room

Presentations and discussions with leading European Commission IST Programme funded projects undertaking IPv6 research and deployment, with a theme of applications and services. (free entry to all)

Each topic will be followed by an open debate.

Friday 24th September:

09:00-16:30: UK IPv6 Deployment Conference, Michelangelo Room

Talks and discussion led by IPv6 experts from both the UK and the wider global IPv6 community, with a focus on IPv6 deployment and transition and on exploring new IPv6 opportunities (entry fee £95.00 +VAT if booked on/before September 10th, £125+VAT after).

UK IPv6 Deployment Conference Agenda

PDF Download Agenda.

The Deployment Conference takes a global perspective on IPv6, with presentations from the US and Europe. The talks and speakers for the Conference include:

All talks will place a primary focus on IPv6 deployment (and transition) experience.

To register for the UK IPv6 Deployment Conference 2004, please download and complete the registration form, that also includes details of accomodation, travel, a social event on the Thursday night, wireless networking and payment instructions.

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